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Grading Policies


As Established by the Pioneer Campus Improvement Team, May 2007

Pre-Kindergarten Grading Policies

  • Letter grades are not given in Pre-Kindergarten.
  • The student will receive 3 report cards throughout the year and 3 CIRCLE Progress Monitoring Reports throughout the year.  
  • The timeline for reporting this data will follow a six week reporting period similiar to district established grading reports. 

Kindergarten Grading Policies

  • Letter grades are not given in Kindergarten. The student will recieve performance based standard updates each six weeks.
    • 4 – Exhibits understanding beyond grade level expectations
    • 3 – Exhibits understanding at grade level expectation
    • 2 – Progress being made toward grade level expectation
    • 1 – Area of Concern
    • x – Not assessed or taught during the grading period. 
  • Skills are assessed for mastery only in unshaded areas of the report card. Each six weeks is recorded in a different color.